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Ametalsoul (Pronounced: A Metal Soul) by David Wertz

Ametalsoul (Pronounced: A Metal Soul) is the brain child of metal sculptor and artist David Wertz. He has been at it for over 12 years, providing the world with abstract metal sculptures and art pieces that are definitely outside the norm.

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Located in Roanoke, Virginia, his shop is a beehive of artistic vision and ambitious fabrication projects. On any given day you will find him working on projects for celebrities, museums, private collectors, and super high end art galleries.

With the demand for his art increasing by the day, efficiency is critical. So when David found himself spending more time monkeying around with his “cheapo band saw” constantly having to adjust and babysit the cuts, he decided to step up to a real machine….he called Baileigh.

Dave invested in the BS-210M horizontal bandsaw a year ago and has never looked back. He calls us from time to time to order blades or coolant and always expresses his satisfaction with the saw.

He says: “it is the most accurate band saw I have ever used.”

Be on the lookout for Dave’s work as he is an up and coming name in metal art and be sure to check out his amazing website: www.ametalsoul.com


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