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Extreme Mitering with CMS Strauss Glass

Since 1985, CMS Glass has been a true leader in fabrication. Specializing in both residential and commercial projects, they have their own flavor of intricate architectural designs.

Located in Atlantic City, New Jersey, they are constantly working with glass, mirror, aluminum, steel, brass and ornamental iron to keep up with the latest artsy trends around the city.

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Doing so requires some extreme designs and major “outside of the box” fabrication involving mitered angles that often exceed 45 degrees. Determined to stay in front of the curve, owner Steven Strauss contacted the structural fabrication team here Baileigh Industrial.

After spending some time with him on the phone, it was obvious his shop had outgrown their current equipment. Steve and his crew “grew up” with the standard cheapo band saw that was belt driven, did not have a coolant system, was horribly inaccurate and had a vice that would only miter 45 degrees in one direction. Yikes!

We offered the BS-260M bandsaw as a complete and total solution to all of their problems. With its dual mitering head and 0-60 degree mitering capability, the guys could now reach those extreme angles without having to break out the angle grinder.

A fully self-contained, recirculating coolant system provides lubrication for excellent blade life, in addition to keeping the material cool for optimum cut quality.

No more belts to change! The direct drive provides constant power, with blade speeds that can be adjusted by simply turning a knob. A quick cam lock vise and easy to adjust material stop make the production of identical parts a breeze.

The saw is built to operate at a nice comfortable “waste high” working height, rather than having to constantly bend over like with most other models on the market.

In addition to all of the above mentioned benefits of the BS-260M, accuracy is a major selling point. Each saw is shipped with a test cut from the factory to prove accuracy and that the blade is square to the vise.

If you would like to discuss the benefits of a Baileigh band saw vs. just about any other saw on the market, we are available all over the world, just give us a call or shoot us an email sales@baileigh.com

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