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Ian Berky, a Rising Star in the California Kustom Car Scene

Aside from being an excellent metal shaper and an amazing car builder, Ian Berky has quite the following in the Kustom car scene. Located in Riverside, California, he is living the lifestyle to the fullest. Check him out on his Instagram page here: @ianberky

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Whether you are talking about the chopped and frenched ‘50 Chevy sedan he recently finished, the radical purple ‘51 Chevy Kustom that put him on the map, or the ‘61 Caddy that is in the shop as we speak, he knows a thing or two about cars.

Ian has a buddy who lives down the road who recently purchased a $3,500 shrinker / stretcher from a company out of Sweden. After hearing how well the machine performed, Ian had to try it for himself. In love with the machine, but not in love with the price, he contacted the metal shaping team at Baileigh for a comparable and more economical solution.

The MSS-16F Shrinker / Stretcher is foot operated, offers a deep throat and has incredible “non-marring” dies that are oval in shape. They do not “chew” up your material like conventional shrinker / stretcher dies do. It is also less than a 1/3 of the price and delivers 100% of the performance as “the other machine”

After taking delivery of his new machine, Ian’s buddy made the trip over to his shop to try it out. He left several minutes later wondering why he spent nearly $2,500 more for his machine…….

Ian’s work is grabbing national attention and his work is definitely in demand. If you want to “get on the list” shoot him an email here: raunchero13@icloud.com and tell him “Baileigh sent you!”

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