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Mike and His Power Hammer: A Love Story

Mike Smith popped up on a Metal Shaping Forum named “All Metal Shaping” www.metalmeet.com asking for information on our MH-19 Power Hammer. I contacted Mike and this is where the story begins.

Powwer HammerMike is a true metal artist who has been making giant metal flowers for years. Mike and I started swapping metal shaping stories, I knew right away he was going to be a perfect fit for the MH-19 Power Hammer. We did not have any Power Hammers in Medford Oregon where he lives, so Mike decided to jump on a plane and fly all the way here to Green Bay Wisconsin. We would talk several times a day leading up to his Baileigh trip. I would have to say I have never had a customer so passionate about metal shaping.

The morning Mike was to fly out. I woke up to a Monster December Blizzard that dumped over 16″ of snow overnight. I knew Mikes trip would be cancelled. I was snow blowing my driveway thinking of how bummed out he would be. After digging out, I went to work expecting a call from him letting me know he would not be here. Next thing you know, the phone rings and it is Mike. “Dude, I’m in Green Bay!”

Mike’s quest for metal shaping glory was on!

It took Mike over 2 hours to drive 38 miles to Baileigh from Green Bay in his tiny rental car. He showed up and said the roads were horrible, cars in the ditches, wrecks on the side of the road. Who cares though, metal shaping is more important than personal safety in Mike’s eyes.

Chris Rusch (from RMD) and I walked Mike over to the MH-19 Power Hammer. It was almost like everything was in slow motion…..It was love at first sight. Mike’s eyes lit up and he got a big ol’ grin across his face. We cranked her up to 1,500 beats per minute and I thought he was going to pass out.

He was like a kid in a candy store. Mike spent all morning and part of the afternoon playing with the machine, making parts, changing out the tooling, using the English wheel and kicking the tires…..from this point forward, Mike is a changed man. He is now in love with a machine, a big 1,300 pound metal shaping monster, the MH-19.

After his demo at the factory, he drove up here to Baileigh. First thing he said was “Dude, take my picture with my new machine”

Mike went back to Medford and we shipped his machine out to him.

2 weeks later he sends me this:

Power Hammer Metal ProjectPower Hammer ProjectMike will making waves in the metal shaping community for a long time. Check out his website:  http://www.steellyfe.com/

Thanks Mike,keep in touch.!

Baileigh Industrial

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