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That Old Machinist down the Road / George Sandy

We all have that old mechanic down the road…….the old timer that has been doing it his whole life. With his lifetime of experience, greasy bib overalls and caffeine breath….you know that you are in good hands.

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This describes George Sandy perfectly…..he is “the old machinist down the road.” With over 30 years of experience under his belt, he knows it all when it comes to turning, milling and chip removal. With his faded Baileigh hat and a few pens clipped in the neck of his shirt at all times…….you know you are in good hands. With a strong customer base and lifelong relationships with many of his customers, George isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

George recently purchased one of our entry level lathes to help out with the smaller jobs in his shop. The PL-1236E-DRO is running constantly and gets quite the workout in George’s shop. The digital readout and smooth operation have put a permanent smile on his face. He was kind enough to send a quick message regarding his new lathe:

“Hey guys,

The lathe is great…good tolerance holding and repeatability, love it!”

-George Sandy

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