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Rock Crawling Madness by Brett Jerome

This jungle gym on wheels came from the mind of Brett Jerome, a hardcore Off Road fabrication junkie from Odessa, MO.

The tube chassis was designed without any software, or layout tools…..just a Baileigh tube bender, a tube notcher and a vision.

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The RDB-050 tube bender’s 3 speed handle allowed Brett to easily bend the DOM tubing without breaking a sweat. Its 180 degree travel also allowed for 1 shot bending without having to stop and re-pin during the bending process.

The returned points on the front end of the tube chassis were mitered perfectly with the TN-250 tube notcher. Its radial vise allowed for perfect alignment and repeatability providing a perfect notch every time.

Baileigh Industrial offers just about every machine needed for Off Road fabrication. If you are interested in building an Off Road vehicle, or modifying an existing one, please give our Off Road team a call. We are available worldwide.

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