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Roll Bending with the Metal Artist: Tyler Burleson

Born and raised in Las Vegas, Tyler Burleson was exposed to the world of sparks and metal at an early age. With an uncle as a union sheet metal worker, it didn’t take long for Tyler to follow in his footsteps.

Working for the union was good money, but it seemed almost like seasonal work as he was constantly waiting on the next job. Layoff after layoff……. this feast or famine lifestyle was not a consistent paycheck and with the downed economy in Las Vegas, Tyler had to find another way to provide for his family.

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With his sheet metal equipment and an amazing artistic vision, he began to make metal art in his spare time. Friends, family and people around town began to take notice of Tyler’s abilities and his work went viral throughout the city. His art can now be seen in galleries and art shows all over Las Vegas and a national following is not too far off with his projects being posted on Instagram here:


In addition to sheet metal and 3 dimensional art pieces, Tyler is paving the way for “roll bent art” that has seemed to flood the art scene. With large radius turns and flowing bends, the look of rolled tube is elegant, yet captivating to say the least.

Tyler has capitalized on this popularity by creating his own flavor of metal art using the R-M40 roll bender. Motorized rolls allow him to keep his hands free for any adjustments that might be necessary during the bending process. The top roll adjustment allows him to accurately repeat parts without the trial and error of manual machines.

In addition to the roll bent tubing, Tyler often accents his art pieces with rolled sheet metal. The SR-5016 allows him to create a linear radius in sheet metal up to 4 foot wide, 16 gauge mild steel. With a shop full of Baileigh equipment, Tyler is ready to take on the international art scene with gusto.

Be on the lookout for his metal art in a studio or art show near you.

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