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Shaping Metal Solution

Several months ago Chuck Wahl from Vultures Row Aviation called us here at Baileigh looking for a solution to shape metal. This is what he ended up with.

1943 Curtiss Helldiver with Baileigh Bead RollerChuck is always braggin’ around his airplane buddies about the quality of his MSS-14H Shrinker Stretcher.  He sends us movies and pictures from time to time of the work his guys in the shop do. Chuck gave us a ring a couple weeks back looking for a bead roller. He was in the process of re-skinning a 1943 Curtiss Helldiver.

Not impressed with the standard bead rollers on the market, he went with our new heavy duty 16 gauge bead roller. The BR-16E-36 gave Chuck the throat depth, adjustability, and capacity he was looking for.
Here is some 2024-T3 Aluminum .062″ thick. Chuck will be sending pictures of his progress of the plane. Check back for updates!

Customer Using Baileigh Bead RollerBaileigh Beadroller ProjectBaileigh Beadroller

Baileigh Industrial offers a full line of bead rollers, from entry level to industrial. Hand crank Bead Rollers, Electric Bead Rollers and Heavy Duty Bead Rollers.

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