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E-Model Metal Lathes Quick Change Tool Posts

All About Quick Change Tool Posts

As some of you know our E-Model metal lathes come with a pretty cool feature, a quick change tool post and four tool holders.  And lately some questions have come up about sizes and industry standards when talking to customers about this topic.  Here’s what I can tell you about it.

  • Our E model lathes come with a tool post with model number of 250-200.  This tool post is imported to the US under the name Phase II.  These tool holders with hold up to a 5/8” square tool.  The holders for this tool post can also be bought separately by doing a Google search of “250-202 quick change holder” or “250-201 quick change holder”.  Now, both of these will do the same thing, but the 250-202 has a V-Groove in the bottom of the holder so it can hold a boring bar.
  • Some customers do not recognize this style of tool post and holder, but there is an industry standard that they will know.  The 250-200 is the same as “BXA” style and the 250-201 is a BXA-1 and the 250-202 is a BXA-2
  • Now, there are other tool holders and tool posts available.  In the Phase II style there are models 250-100, 250-200 and 250-300.  The 100, 200, 300 designates the size of the tool post and holders. The corresponding numbers for these are AXA, BXA, and CXA.  The 100 or AXA being for 1/2″ square tooling, 200 or BXA for 5/8″, and 300 or CXA for 3/4″.
  • Remember, if you have a 200 series tool post, only 200 or BXA series tool holders will fit it and in order to use other tool holders different tool post will have to be bought.