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Cut, Bevel, Weld, Grind, Polish, Repeat……Why Not Just Bend?

A member of our mandrel bender team recently visited a customer’s location to review their operation and possibly engineer a solution to speed things up a bit. This is what he found……literally hundreds of man hours of cutting, beveling, welding, grinding and polishing. A job like this could take a crew of welders months to complete, not to mention the weld inspection needed to meet code.

Why not bend the pipe?

By simply adding a mandrel bender to the operation, the process could be completed by two men in a fraction of the time, not to mention eliminating the majority of the weld inspection needed.

There are many benefits often overlooked when considering the investment. In addition to the incredible accuracy and repeatability of a mandrel bender, the time saved in manufacturing cost is simply mind blowing.

Other things to consider:

A mandrel bender never calls in sick, never takes a break, does not need to be paid benefits, and you will never catch it playing on a cell phone instead of working. Made to run 3 shifts a day and produce quality bends, a mandrel bender will improve just about any pipe welding / bending process in the industry.

If you would like more info on the possibilities of adding a bending process to your shop, give one of our mandrel bending specialists a call.