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A Chopper Class Like No Other with Bound for Flames

When Daniel Twigden got the call to create his own class at the Manteca Adult School in Manteca, California, he organized one of the few chopper building classes in the country to his knowledge.

“We teach you how to build rigid frame choppers, like a 1948 Panhead, and other traditional style motorcycle frames,” Twigden said.

A passionate metalworker himself, Daniel said passing along his knowledge gives him true fulfillment in his industry. And the skills he shares provides his students a chance learn a metalworking craft that brings both joy and potentially income down the road.

“A lot of people build these cars and build these motorcycles because it’s what they get joy from,” Daniel said. “In the end, I realized what I got joy from was sharing in the joy of actually manufacturing and making these things and using our hands and sharing techniques.”

Daniel’s class at Manteca teaches how to make chopper and traditional motorcycle frames.

In the shop at Manteca, you will see a range of Baileigh Industrial machines contributing to the learning environment.

“The way Baileigh tools help our process along is it enables us as a class to expedite the process,” Daniel said. “You can do all of these same tasks by hand with hand tools or tools that aren’t set up for volume manufacturing. So, having these big tools just enables me to be able to teach what would be weeks into days, and what would be months into weeks. Really, it’s invaluable as a teacher to have these tools.

Specifically, Daniel calls their RDB-175 Tube Bender the backbone of the chopper class with its ability to cut all of the tube bending down from a week or so to just a few lessons.

Daniel on Manteca’s RDB-175 Tube Bender, the backbone of his chopper frame instruction.

The Manteca shops also feature the SH-12010 Sheet Metal Shear, SR-5016 Slip Roll, HSP-66M-HD Hydraulic Press, and the BB-9610H Heavy Duty Hydraulic Box and Pan (Finger) Brake, among others.

“Across all the campuses here at Manteca Unified School District, we’ve found Baileigh is one of the most reliable tools out there,” Twigden said. “We’re always purchasing these tools for the shops…the tools hold up to the punishment and continue to push out great results.”

Daniel says metalworking has given him lifelong friends to share the motivation and enthusiasm of building together.

“If you’re just making tin cans, you’re gonna get bored,” Daniel said. “But if you’re making hot rods and motorcycles then you’re ripping down the freeway, and you look over at your buddy and he’s looking back at you…there’s nothing better than sharing that joy. That high keeps me wanting to bang metal with hammers day in and day out.”

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