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Advanced Door Technologies Bending Aluminum Extrusion

Located in East Stroudsburg, PA, ADT prides themselves on quality American made products. Since 1972 Advanced Door Technologies has been a leader in the manufacturing of Commercial Overhead and Slider Doors Systems. With a manufacturing crew of 50 employees and the correct machinery in place, ADT is now the only company in the US that that produces these types of doors 100% in house, with no outsourcing.

These overhead and slider doors are attached by rollers that ride inside a track that is made from a C shaped aluminum extrusion. This extrusion must be bent to various radii for each application.  Outsourcing their bending process became very expensive and time consuming. With unreliable quality and lead times from their suppliers, ADT decided to bring the bending process in house. This way they would have 100% control over quality and lead times.

They quickly found that bending aluminum extrusions and C shaped channel can be very tricky. As the material is bent around the forming die it likes to collapse or distort.  This is when they called Baileigh and spoke with one of our  bending experts on staff. After reviewing the application, the RDB-325 rotary draw bender seemed to be the best fit due to the large 14” CLR (Center Line Radius) of the tooling needed for the bends.

Baileigh and ADT worked together to create a flexible 3 piece mandrel to fit inside of the extrusion. With the mandrels lubricated and inserted, the extrusion now bends like a piece of solid aluminum and keeps its shape quite well. After the bending is done, just slip out one of the mandrels and the other 2 mandrels will slide right out as well.

“Thanks to Baileigh and their knowledgeable bending experts, we now have total control over our manufacturing process.”

Rusty Nazmitdzinau
Product Engineer


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