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An American Made Workhorse the RDB-250 Tube Bender


art morrison 1The guys at Art Morrison www.artmorrison.com build absolutely amazing chassis and suspension components for cars and trucks. They’ve been having a hard time keeping up with the demand for their products. Even with a full staff in place  working around the clock, tube bending production demands were killing their on-time delivery.

A call into the tube bending team here at Baileigh Industrial determined that their air / hydraulic tube bender was painfully slow, inaccurate and was not producing the bend quality needed for show cars. After a couple test bends and a quick demonstration of the RDB-250 touch screen / programmable tube bender, the guys were excited to get it into their shop as fast as possible. The bender and dies were in stock and ready to ship within 72 hours.

The RDB-250 bender has been a complete game changer in the tube bending industry. With bend speeds that top 9 seconds for a 180 degree bend, the absolute best bend quality on the market and unrivaled accuracy, it has made its way into just about every high volume tube production shop in the motorsports world.

In addition to motorsports chassis and suspension bending, the RDB-250 has a ton of industrial applications under its belt as well. From handrails to gates, ornamental and stainless applications, the RDB-250 is a true workhorse designed to run 3 shifts a day, all day, every day. With over 2,500 tooling option available, it will handle tube, pipe, square, solid rod, flat bar and angle iron. American made with a bullet proof, planetary gearbox, it is a life changing addition to any shop.

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