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An Off Road Empire: Jimmys 4×4

Jimmys 4x4

Jimmy’s 4×4 is located in Cortez, Colorado. Owned and operated by Husband and Wife team Randy and Cottin Rodd, they have been a driving force in the Off Road Industry for years. Growing up in his father’s transmission shop, Randy Rod learned to wrench at a young age. Being in the shop with Dad was great, but rebuilding transmissions on a daily basis started to wear on him. Dreaming of building the world’s most extreme Off Road vehicles, Randy purchased a welder, borrowed a manual tube bender and notcher from a buddy, and started from the ground up. With a truck load of ambition, Randy and his buddies started an empire.


Fast forward several years and you have one of the best race teams on the circuit and a brand new shop that cranks out some of the best Off Road builds known to man. As Jimmy’s 4×4 started taking over the Off Road World, Randy realized his puny manual bender (now outfitted with hydraulics) and drill press holesaw notcher were a joke and were not going to produce the quality bends and precision notches needed for his chassis. He also realized he was wasting time and money every month farming out all of his plasma cutting and having to deal with long lead times and empty promises from suppliers.

Randy called in the pros, Baileigh Industrial, the Off Road Industry’s leader in metal fabrication machinery. Randy went with the RDB-250 tube bender with touch screen programmer, along with a 10 foot indexing table for his complex bends. The touch screen programmer saves every bend on every chassis he will ever build.

The TN-800 tube notcher was also a good fit. Super-fast and dead accurate. One size endmill will notch any tube from 1” to 3” without having to change tooling, leaving a beautiful, burr free notch instantly.
The PT-510 CNC 5 x 10 Plasma table has been running non-stop since it was installed. Easy to program, easy to run and dead accurate.


I call Randy every now and then to check up on him and he says the same thing every time. “Best money I ever spent. The only thing I regret is not doing it all sooner.”

Randy also says:

“Baileigh Industrial’s equipment has been “Life Changing” for me and the Crew here at Jimmy’s… It has opened doors for us to build faster, creating more productivity, and with more precision in each car that we fabricate. As we continue fabricating cars that need to hold up to speed, and climb the most gut-wrenching obstacles in the world we need the best equipment available, Baileigh has delivered !!”

Check out this video of Randy and Cottin Rodd at The “King of the Hammers” race:



Randy Rodd

Jimmy’s 4×4

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