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Benefits of Baileigh’s Benchtop Planers and Jointers

As Baileigh Sales Coordinator Tony Elfering confesses, “I was always skeptical of benchtop planers and joiners, to be very honest. But I’ll tell you what: it definitely changed my mind when I got my hands on the IP-1306 planer and used it.

Tony tried out the machine, and now he’s a believer. “I ran some real hard oak through the actual unit here for testing purposes. It was pretty amazing how well it performed. I went not quite an ⅛” but maybe a little over 1/16” past cut, and it didn’t bog down. It took it like a champ.

That’s typical of our process here at Baileigh. We test every machine model to make sure it lives up to our high standards. Most of us are woodworkers and/or metalworkers on the side. And we only sell machines that we’d be proud to add to our own shops.

In fact, Tony recently bought an IP-1306 planer for his home shop where he makes wood art, butcher blocks, panels, shelving units, doors, and more. He plans on using the machine to finish reclaimed lumber and “bring new beauty out of the old wood.”

Why choose the IP-1306 benchtop planer from Baileigh?

  • Helical cutter head comes standard: “When you factor that in, we fall under the price of some of the big box store companies,” says Tony. 95% of the competition comes with straight-knife blades. Quieter, smoother, longer-lasting spiral cutter heads often cost $150 to $300 extra from other brands, but we include them for no additional charge.
  • Convenient dust port placement: “Our dust port is off to the side,” explains Tony. “Most of our competition has the dust port in the dead center of the machine, so it’s in the way of the material coming through.”
  • Adaptable dust port size: “You have the option for a 2.5” or a 4” dust port. You don’t have to go out and buy a reducer or an expansion kit. Ours comes with it,” says Tony. “A lot of our competition only offers that 2.5” which is really for little shop vacs.”
  • Robust 2 hp motor that runs on 110 volts: Some benchtop models only have 1.5 or 1.75 hp motors. With a 2 hp motor, our benchtop planer can easily tackle its maximum capacity. “It’s got a lot of power behind it.”

Our benchtop jointer the IJ-833 also proved its value and strength to Tony. “I was skeptical at first, just like with the planer, but definitely proven wrong.”

Tony tested the jointer with hard white oak, and its performance was flawless. “It made perfect cuts with a real smooth finish. Again, no bogging down.”

A heavy-duty 1.3 hp motor moves the helical cutter at high speeds for pristine cuts. “There’s a lot of a lot of power behind the unit. The 12,000 rpm creates that really, really fine finish,” Tony notes.

Why choose the IJ-833 benchtop jointer from Baileigh?

  • Wider than most similar machines: “Most benchtop joiners are 6” wide, meaning you can run a 6”-wide piece of material through it. Our model is an 8” wide. Those 2 extra inches are a huge deal for dimensional lumber.”
  • Long tables: “We are at 33.5” whereas a top competitor is 28.8”. So we’re 5” longer, which gives you more surface space to hold on to your material.”
  • Included table extensions: “If you pull those extension wings out, it actually gives you 51” of length on the table.” You won’t need a bench or an extra table to support a long piece of wood.
  • High cutting speeds: “The cutter head for our benchtop jointer runs at 12,000 rpm. One main competitor this year runs at 10,000 rpm. So we have a higher revolution per minute, which gives you a better, smoother finished cut.”
  • Helical cutter head comes standard: Our benchtop jointer, like our benchtop planer includes a long-lasting spiral cutter head. These heads run more quietly than straight-knife blades, give you a cleaner finish, and break up wood chips for less mess.

Are you looking for a benchtop jointer and/or planer? Remember that Baileigh Industrial includes all the features you’d want for a lower price than most competitors.

Questions? Not sure if a benchtop jointer or planer is right for you? Call 1-920-684-4990 and talk to a Baileigh expert.

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