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3 Advantages of Baileigh Customer Service

When you call Baileigh Industrial, you’ll speak to a real person with real-world expertise in our machines. We’re available at 1-920-684-4990 from 7 am to 5 pm CT, Monday through Friday.

Technical sales specialist James Frenz has worked with Baileigh for 12 years, and he wants to answer your toughest, most specific questions. “Those are probably the questions I welcome the most,” he says.

Quite simply, our goal is to match you with the machine (or machines) that you need—then help you get the most value out of them. And, as Frenz points out, “we succeed greatly because we have knowledgeable people that customers can talk to!”

But you don’t have to take our word for it. Frenz and the Baileigh sales team are happy when prospective buyers call to see just how good our customer service is.

“I’ve had customers outright tell me, ‘Look, I just called you guys to find out, are you robots that are answering? Is it real people? How knowledgeable are the people?” I welcome those calls with open arms, because they give us more of a chance to work our magic directly.

What exactly is the “magic” of Baileigh’s customer service? Here are 3 advantages that set us apart.

1. Our reps have hands-on experience. We can answer your complex application questions.

Our inside sales reps are all experienced metalworkers and woodworkers located in Wisconsin.

Not sure which machine you need? Tell us what you want to do, and we’ll figure it out for you. We answer questions by applying our knowledge to your unique situation. 

As James Frenz notes, “A lot of companies just do not offer that. They can read their specs off to you and that’s it. They really don’t have somebody who has real-world experience with this equipment and can say, ‘That’s not the right choice. We should really look at this.’”

And don’t be shy about calling us if you’re a beginner. Our reps have helped many aspiring metalworkers and woodworkers get their start in the industry with nothing but a dream, a Baileigh machine, and some expert advice.

“We talk to a lot of customers who want to get into this type of industry,” says Frenz. “We will look at drawings, we’ll take pictures of something they make, and we’ll engineer a solution that will get them what they need and a machine that will produce the part that they want to make.”

Plus, our sales team is based near a showroom featuring all of our machines. We can take photos, measurements, and even make video demos of machines if we need to provide extra information to answer your question.

2. You can count on lifetime technical support by phone.

When you buy a Baileigh machine, you’re getting expert advice by phone for the machine’s entire lifetime of use. If you run into a problem—whether it’s 5 weeks or 5 years after purchase—our team is here to troubleshoot by phone.

We also help customers settle on the right approach for their projects. Our team wants you to succeed with your Baileigh machine, and we often consult on applications for customers long after purchase. In some cases, we may end up being your business advisors as well as your solution engineers.

“I literally help customers grow their businesses,” says Frenz. “I have certain clients that will call multiple times a week and say, ‘Should I bid on this job? Can I do this? Can my machine bend this material this tight?’ I’ll actually check over applications and confirm, ‘You can do it!’”

3. Baileigh inside sales reps do not receive commission.

“I think that puts us on a level playing field to give the customer accurate information versus just trying to push a sale onto them,” says Frenz.

No hard-sell tactics from us! We keep your best interests at heart. Our goal is to match you with the machine model you really need, not to sell you the most expensive one. As Frenz explains, “we may be talking you into less money just to have the right machine.”

In the end, we know that honesty goes a lot further than sales pitch. Our reps won’t hesitate to recommend a machine from another brand if Baileigh doesn’t have the right fit for your needs. 

Ready to figure out which Baileigh machine is right for your needs? Call our knowledgeable customer service team at 1-920-MACHINE.

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