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Baileigh’s Social Media Kit: Promote Your Business to Our Millions of Followers

Let Baileigh’s massive social media power open doors for you! Every day we share our customers’ projects with a massive global audience.

We’re constantly putting small shops and beginners on the map, attracting sponsors for them, and blowing up their social media pages.

No other machinery manufacturer or distributor in the world has this power, this reach, or this passion for their customers’ success. It’s actually fun, and we’re extremely good at it (if we do say so ourselves).

Look for a Baileigh Social Media Kit with Your Purchase

So how do you get Baileigh to promote you? It’s simple.

  1. Buy a Baileigh machine.
  2. Open the included Social Media Kit.
  3. Follow the instructions inside.

We’ll do the rest.

Didn’t receive a Social Media Kit with your Baileigh machine? Don’t worry. We’ll let you know how it works. Drop us a line at socialmedia@baileigh.com, and we’ll share the details with any Baileigh customer who’s interested.

Customer Success Story: Cry Baby Cycles

You can ask Josh Allison of Cry Baby Cycles what doors Baileigh has opened for him and his new shop. We’re proud to say that we’ve been promoting Cry Baby Cycles from the beginning and showing Josh’s work to our millions of followers.

Last year, Allison took a risk and started his dream business, Cry Baby Cycles in Colorado. To make the best custom parts, Josh invested in the best equipment available. He uses only Baileigh metal shaping machinery in his shop.

“I need tooling that’s going to be able to live up to my expectations,” Josh explains in this video. “Baileigh has just been amazing for me on a day-to-day basis.”

Just a few months later, Josh’s dream is paying off. Business is booming. His local paper ran an article on him. The Born Free Motorcycle Show will feature him this year. And his choppers are regularly showing up in top cycle magazines.

Best of all, Josh recently appeared on the Discovery Channel’s Orange County Choppers. You can see him on the set in the photo below. Paul Teutul Sr. hired Josh based on the work he saw on Baileigh’s Instagram page. Another opportunity unlocked by Baileigh Industrial for a loyal customer!

Want to help your business succeed like Cry Baby Cycles? Buy Baileigh machines, share your story, and let us promote you!

Follow Baileigh on Instagram and like us on Facebook for social media inspiration. See how we’re helping customers like you go viral and build their businesses. The next post we share might be yours.

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