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Baileigh’s Metal Mind of the Month: Robert McCartney


Robert McCartney, owner and CEO of McCartney Paint and Custom is a true classic car and metal shaping aficionado. A 20 year obsession with cars and classic auto restoration has turned into a lifestyle for Robert. Although his business is extremely successful, he insists it is not about the money, it’s all about passion. The duplication of auto parts that are hard to find or not available is a skill he has mastered.

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Robert recently attended one of our metal shaping seminars and showed off some of his metal shaping skills. Here you see Robert has used the BB-4816M magnetic box and pan brake to make a part for the dash of a 47 Studebaker truck. It was designed to hold the heater/AC controls and DIN radio.

Robert’s metal work can be seen on several hot rod, restoration and metal shaping forums where he is well respected. He is now a part of the Baileigh metal shaping family and will be showcased on a regular basis.

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