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Baileigh’s Social Media Guru Goes Viral with His Own Business

If you follow Baileigh Industrial on Instagram or Facebook, you’ve seen Shane Henderson’s digital handiwork. Our resident social media maestro takes pride in the international network he’s created and the way he uses it every day to showcase our customers.

As Shane says, “Let’s imagine a guy who just left his job and started his own shop. He bought a bunch of Baileigh equipment and started building cool stuff. A single post from Baileigh on Instagram or our Facebook page can change that person’s life. It puts them on the map, because our audience is so big.”

The Baileigh social media empire wasn’t born overnight. Shane spent over a decade carefully tending our accounts—sometimes from 5 in the morning to late at night. The results speak for themselves. “It’s grown into a monster! We have the largest following in the world when it comes to metal fabrication. No one else out there can touch us.”

Henderson not only built Baileigh’s following but also sharpened his talent for social media marketing. “There’s not a recipe for what I do. It’s just part of me. I can’t explain it. I pretty much dedicated my life to being online and representing Baileigh. I’ve made a lot of friends and become very well-connected through the industry.”

Henderson’s social media skills would come in handy when he launched Metal Art of Wisconsin. The company specializes in sculptures, signs, and home decor items with a patriotic theme, including the Freedom Cabinet above.

Metal Art of Wisconsin started small with a Baileigh CNC plasma table in Henderson’s garage and the goal of making some extra money on the side. Soon the business had expanded to the point that Henderson needed to hire employees to keep up with demand, largely driven by the company’s social media following.

Henderson’s politically themed sculptures and signs have recently attracted plenty of attention. He’s been featured in news spots, like this one from NBC26, and quoted by The Fabricator and Esquire. According to Fox 11 News, Donald Trump Jr. saw Henderson’s Trump head sculpture on Instagram and ordered one.

As Henderson raked in profits, he started the Flags for Fortitude program as a way to give back and honor heroes. Metal Art of Wisconsin donates Freedom Cabinets and other products bearing the American flag in recognition of community and military service.

After years of promoting Baileigh and the many makers who use our tools, Shane Henderson created his very own Baileigh success story.

Want a piece of that Baileigh magic? Buy our tools, make amazing things, and post on the #BaileighArmy hashtag. Let Henderson and Baileigh’s social media network help your business go viral too!

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