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What’s the Best Roll Cage Tubing Bender?

With a Baileigh roll cage bender, your shop can make parts more quickly, become more self-sufficient, and boost your profits. Discover 4 of our most popular roll cage tube benders—and meet the customers who use them every day.

Rotary Draw Bender RDB-125

With this trusty hydraulic tube bender, Joel Buschman of Overkill Racing and Chassis creates some of the most impressive roll cages and chassis on the planet.

Joel has a long and beautiful relationship with his RDB-125. “I’ve bent miles of tube with that bender,” he wrote on Instagram. “That old girl has never let me down. Simply hit the power switch and mash the pedal and away she goes.”

The RDB-125 has a maximum capacity of 2.5” mild steel tube and can bend up to 180°. It’s great for any shop that works on race cars or drag cars.

Advantages of the RDB-125:

  • Industrial-grade hydraulic system, controlled by a foot pedal, allows for smooth production.
  • Quick-release counter die lets you load and unload material in seconds.
  • It runs on 110-volt single-phase power, so you can plug it into any household outlet.

Learn more about the RDB-125.

RBD-250 Rotary Draw Bender

This programmable tube bender can be a game changer for small businesses. Moses Guillen started Brick City Fabrications with a dream and a Baileigh tube bender. These days he’s working around the clock to meet demand for his roll cages and off-road accessories!

See how easy Moses’s bending process is with the RDB-250.

Anthony Diss from XO-FAB.com Offroad Supply also loves the RDB-250 as a tube bender for roll cages.

As he wrote on Instagram, “Ever wonder how we build our cage kits? Thanks to our friends at Baileigh Industrial for top notch tooling we are able to build these Toyota A Pillars with high precision and consistency!”

Watch Anthony in action on his RDB-250.

The RDB-250 has a maximum capacity of 2.5” mild steel tube and can bend up to 360°. Like the RDB-125, it’s a strong choice if you’re working on race cars or drag cars.

Advantages of the RDB-250:

  • You can make a 180° bend in just 9 seconds and speed up production at your shop.
  • Internal memory stores up to 170 programs, so you can save roll cage designs and ensure repeatability.
  • Touchscreen controls and foot pedal save you time and effort.

Learn more about the RDB-250.

Roll Bender R-M10

Over in the United Kingdom, Chris Evans of Lead Foot Racing appreciates the near-infinite customization possibilities offered by this manual roll bender.

As Chris explained on Instagram, “It’s the little touches that make a massive difference. I always roll my roll cage tubes to fit the car’s curves… and it looks better.”

The R-M10 has a maximum capacity of 1.25” mild steel tube.

Advantages of the R-M10:

  • It’s affordable, yet it can do almost everything that larger, more expensive models can.
  • Since it can bend perfect circles, the R-M10 lets you get creative with your roll cage designs.
  • Cast steel head keeps the machine rigid and accurate throughout many years of hard use.

Learn more about the R-M10.

Ring Roller R-M55

Owned by Francis Hall, Race Car Replicas in Fraser, Michigan duplicates ultra-rare, ultra-expensive vintage race cars. Many of their builds require large-radius tubular components for their roll cages. Well, Francis got tired of sending that work to the local NC shop.

He decided to invest in the R-M55. This manual roll bender can handle anything you can throw at it in the motorsports industry. Now Race Car Replicas can save money on roll cages and enjoy more control over their world-class finished products.

The R-M55 has a maximum capacity of 2.75” mild steel tube.

Advantages of the R-M55:

  • With its 50mm shaft and plate steel frame, this ring roller has the muscle to make any radius you want out of large tubing.
  • Scale indicates top roll position to help ensure repeatability.
  • Ratchet handle gives you extra leverage to turn the manual top roll. You can conveniently control the 2 driven rolls with the foot pedal.
  • Variable-speed inverter allows you to fine-tune the rolling speed for a given material.

Learn more about the R-M55.

How should you choose a roll cage bender?

Looking beyond our greatest hits, the best roll cage tubing bender really comes down to the best choice for you and what you want to make. That’s why we offer such a wide selection of tube benders—so that we have a model that’s perfect for just about anybody.

Consider these 3 main factors to get more specific about choosing your roll cage tube bender.

1. Tube size: Pick a tubing bender with enough capacity to handle the OD you’re using. (But you probably knew that already!) A word of advice: go with a bender that can tackle a slightly larger OD than what you need so you don’t strain the machine.

2. Level of use and production: If you do a lot of one-off designs (or you don’t mind a workout), you could save money with an affordable manual bender. But if you need to make multiple repeats—or you just want to make your life easier—a hydraulic or programmable bender will save time and effort.

3. Style of roll cage:

  • If you’re building compact roll cages for race or drag cars, one of our fast and accurate RDB model tube benders can handle the job.
  • If you’re making dome-shaped cages for off-road vehicles, we recommend a roll bender. Any of our manual ring rollers like the R-M10 or bigger can get the job done.

Not sure which roll cage tubing bender is the best for you? Give us a call at 1-920-MACHINE. Our team of machine experts, all with hands-on metalworking experience, will be happy to help.

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