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Best Tube Notcher on the Planet / Rullo Custom Cycles

Steven Rullo has always been fascinated with motorcycles. While building, repairing and modifying bikes out of his garage on the weekends, his reputation for quality work spread like wildfire.

His weekend hobby quickly became a significant part of his life as his business began to take shape in 2003. The demand for his skills increased, and he quickly outgrew the garage and made the transition to go full time in 2006.

Fast forward 8 years and you have Rullo Custom Cycles, a fully licensed and insured motorcycle manufacturer. With a waiting list several months long, the demand for their work has increased dramatically. Even with a shop full of mechanics and fabricators, it seems Steve and the boys are always battling deadlines.

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A huge “bottleneck” in their shop has always been the tube notching operation. Fighting with hole-saw notchers, grinders and mill fixtures, Steve decided to solve the problem for his team once and for all…..he called Baileigh Industrial’s motorcycle manufacturing experts.

After taking a look at Steve’s manufacturing process and budget, we offered the TN-800 end mill style tube notcher as an addition to their shop and a permanent solution to their “bottleneck”.

The TN-800 utilizes a single end mill to notch any tube or pipe that measures 1” to 3” O.D. No need to change tooling when notching different sizes; just make the necessary adjustments to the machine and notch away.

Steven Rullo:

“The Baileigh Industrial TN-800 is an awesome machine. We researched every tube notching option on the market for our motorcycle and parts fabrication shop. We chose the TN-800.  The only regret we have is that we did not purchase the TN-800 sooner!  This machine has cut our notch times down significantly while making super accurate notches for tube fit-up.  The TN-800 has enabled us to increase production while maintaining our expectation of high quality. I have and would recommend this machine to anyone that needs a quality tube notching solution. Thank you Baileigh Industrial for this machine and Rullo Custom Cycles will be back for some more shop equipment.”

Check them out here: www.rullocustomcycles.com

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