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Bill Wyko: 30 years of woodworking excellence

WoodworkerBill Wyko is no ordinary woodworker. 30 years in, he still has a true passion for woodworking. Living in California for many years exposed him to many types of woodworking techniques. Mastering many “old school” ways of creating beautiful woodworking masterpieces, Bill’s woodworking quickly grew from a “weekend warrior” hobby to a true passion that would shape the rest of his life.

Bill now resides in Tucson, Arizona where his passion for woodworking has made him somewhat of a woodworking rock star on many of the woodworking forums he frequents. Many of his pieces are internet hits and generate interest worldwide.

2 Bill Wyko 3 Bill Wyko 4 Bill Wyko 5 Bill Wyko 6 Bill Wyko 7 Bill Wyko

Bill recently entered one of our many “Baileigh woodworking” contests that we host several times a year on many popular woodworking forums. These contests and giveaways spread the gospel of creative woodworking techniques and shine a big spotlight on the contestants and their woodworking skills. This contest was on the popular internet forum www.sawmillcreek.org  The contest was named “Build us a Baileigh box” and Bill stole the show with his amazing woodworking magic that incorporated over 1,000 inlays.

8 Bill Wyko 9 Bill Wyko 10 Bill Wyko 11 Bill Wyko 12 Bill Wyko

Bill’s box was voted the best by far by members of the forum so Bill won a little shopping spree on our site. He chose the:

ES-6100 oscillating edge sander Edge Sander

MC-625 mortising machine: Mortising Machine


Check out Bill’s review of his new equipment here:


Since winning our contest, Bill has received 4 more orders for boxes similar to the one he built for us. Bill’s box will be displayed proudly on the “wall of fame” in the Baileigh Industrial corporate headquarters here in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. The wall of fame is a customer showcase displayed in our many woodworking and metalworking showrooms across the country and will travel to many of the woodworking trade shows we attend. It is a great way to show off what our customers are building with our equipment and also provides national recognition for their woodworking skills. If any of our woodworking customers out there would like to contribute to the wall of fame in your area, please contact the woodworking team here at Baileigh.
Bill has wasted no time in putting his new machines to use. His latest projects include a 3,000 bottle wine cellar made out of clear redwood that has more than 1,200 dove tail joints. Holy cow!

15 wine cellar 16 wine cellar

Another ongoing project is this amazing 5,000 count humidor made from waterfall babinga, Spanish cedar and gabon ebony. He has over 500 hours in it and is about a month away from finishing. His new ES-6100 oscillating edge sander has been useful in fine tuning the panels to fit one another. This has saved Bill from weeks of hand planning and palm sanding.

17 humidor 18 humidor
Bills love for woodworking is stronger now than it ever has been. Be on the lookout for Bill Wyko and his amazing projects online, on the forums and out in the woodworking world.

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