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CNC Wood Router Table / Roundhouse Trackless Train Company

Roundhouse Trackless Train Company in Sioux Falls, SD is a family owned business with an interesting story behind it. David Roehrich has always had a love for trains and working with wood. In 2006, his father and son woodworking project in the garage sparked a worldwide business that changed his family’s life forever.

Woodworking Machinery for TrainWR-48 to make wooden trains

David and his son decided to build a ride-able train out of wood. They spent months designing and fabricating the frame in addition to cutting and painting the wood for the body. When it was completed, the train looked beautiful and was quite popular. David’s home woodworking shop became flooded with orders for more train systems. David had turned his hobby into a career.

With all of the designing and woodworking operations being performed in house, and orders piling up, David needed a faster way to duplicate parts accurately. He called the Baileigh woodworking team for a solution. The WR-48 CNC wood router was a perfect fit. David immediately fell in love with the design software which allows him to quickly draw and nest his parts. A quick “click and drag” on his desktop computer transfers the files to a USB stick, which then can simply be uploaded into the handheld programmer. The parts pop up on the screen and with a push of a button, the liquid cooled spindle cuts the parts out perfect every time.

WR-48 Baileigh Woodworking

Roundhouse trackless trains are quite popular with malls, zoos, churches, children’s hospitals, party rentals and many charitable organizations. David also has quite the list of celebrities that have a true love for trains and had to have one of their own. The trains are sold worldwide and are so popular, there is almost a year waiting list to own one.


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Roundhouse train made with Baileigh WR-48

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