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Dad can I help you in the garage tonight?

This has been music to my ears this summer. My son Justis has taken an interest in my metal working hobby. Spending time with him in the shop, teaching him shop safety and the proper use of tools has been great.

power hammer Baileigh metal art Baileigh and Kids on Machinery

Whether he is using pneumatic tools, grinding, painting, or running his own program on the CNC plasma table, I constantly have my eye on him. He catches me smiling at him as he tries things out for the first time, and then watching him light up when he does it right the first time on his own. A father could not be more proud.

The metal and woodworking team here at Baileigh Industrial would like to encourage the passing down of knowledge to the next generation of fabricators and woodworkers. Teaching children metal working and woodworking can be one of the most rewarding experiences you can have with your children.

Take your son to a car show or build a pinewood derby car with your nephew. Teach your daughter how to use a bead roller like Daddy or volunteer a day at the local high school and teach a shop class how to use an English wheel. Any time spent with your children in the shop is time well spent.

Child and woodworking machinery bead rolling Kids on Baileigh Machines Baileigh power hammer

Here are a few pictures of our staff’s children, and some customers and their children as well. Not all machines are running at the time and many were just posing for the pictures, but please remember to always wear hearing and eye protection.

Here is a nice video made by Travis Stewart, a shop teacher at the Career Center High School, in Winston Salem, NC


Baileigh english wheel class student using Baileigh english wheel Student using Baileigh english wheel

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