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David Cavallaro, Woodworking His Way into Retirement


David Cavallaro is a retired technical salesman looking to continue his love of furniture making and woodworking in his newly found free time. A nice table saw would put the finishing touch on his shop at home and finalize his dream to have a complete woodworking space all to himself.

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Being on a fixed income, David needed to get the most bang for his buck. Doing his homework and comparing different brands, models, prices and shipping charges, he contacted the Baileigh Industrial woodworking team for a quote. After reviewing his woodworking goals and available space in his shop, the Baileigh team delivered a solid, yet economical solution. The TS-1040E-50 table saw was the perfect fit.

David could not be happier.

He sent us this email:

“Finally got the saw up and running, the good news is that everything was square and no adjustments were necessary. If you are careful one person can assemble the saw no problem. Thank you. This machine cuts through wood like a hot knife through butter. The fence is great. The mechanism is nice and easy. I think I am going to like this saw.”

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