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Different Kind of Press Brake

When I started here at Baileigh Industrial (3yrs now) one of the first machines that caught my attention was the Horizontal Brake Presses. I have seen a lot of different types of machines over the years but the Horizontal Brake Press is one of the most unique machines I have ever seen.

The first reason that the machine is different than any standard brake press is the fact that the machine is set up on a horizontal plane. This gives the user so many different options than with the standard brake press. The user has the ability to work on 3 sides of the die, where with a standard brake press the user only has the ability to work on the upper and lower sides of the die.

Another thing that sets the horizontal brake press apart is that the die is set up in an easily accessible vertical position. This gives the user the ability to get the bends he is looking for on a much more consistent basis, especially on smaller pieces. The accuracy of  bends on smaller material is easily achieved with the Horizontal brake press with a minimal amount of setup time; something not easily done on a vertical unit.

Last thing I would like to highlight on the horizontal brake press is the additional tooling that can be purchased for them. This gives the machines even more flexibility than they already have. You have the ability to do such things as shearing, flat bar bending, multi-vee bending, single-vee bending, pipe bending, straightening, and punching. This can make these machines very valuable for even the smallest of shops.

Here at Baileigh Industrial we offer both 45 ton and 78 ton horizontal brake presses with NC controls to handle the most demanding applications.

If you have any questions on how a Horizontal Brake Press can help you, give me a call at (920)684-4990.

Cory Henrickson – Sales Executive

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