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Different Kind of Tube Notcher

I have been with Baileigh Industrial for over 3 years now and I can still remember the first time I saw the TN-800 tube notcher. I thought… “how does this machine work and how does it come up with the eccentric path and a perfect cut every time it notches?” Well, after looking into it more, I found that it was one of the most unique machines that Baileigh has to offer. It has the ability to notch anything from 1/2” to 3” OD material.  It can do anything from chassis, handrails, and almost anything that needs a notch in it.

Tube Notcher TN-800

One of the biggest features of this tube notcher machine is that it has the ability to change notch sizes with a change of the angle dial indicator. The TN-800 also has the ability to change the size of material that you can notch very easily due to the V-blocks in the vise that hold different sizes of material with ease. The V-Block feature also makes sure that your material is always centered in reference to your cut. This feature ensures precise notches in any type of material.

This tubing notcher weighs-in at a robust 610-Lbs.  The heavy duty frame allows for faster notches due to reduced vibration. This is also good for your tooling and it extends the life of your end mills.  Another thoughtful feature on this machine is the addition of the casters.  These casters allow the notching machine to be moved all around your shop, or on the job site with ease.  So it becomes very convenient to pull the machine out, notch, clean it up, and put it away. The fact that the machine is 110V, 60 hertz also makes this machine perfect for almost any shop on the planet … or in any environment from your shop to the jobsite. This is the perfect tube notcher machine for anyone who needs to notch material.

Like we say here at Baileigh …. The TN-800 is like the Cadillac of notchers.

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