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1-844-477-7707 (US only)
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Drifting in the Rockies

Triple Crown Drift is Colorado’s premier drift event provider and race team. Located in Ft. Collins, right in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Hosting local and statewide events and running a World Class Pro Am Drift Team, the guys got their hands full.

Kasey King (Head Driver and Event Director) contacted Baileigh Industrial looking for an economical way to keep his team safe while promoting the development of their fabrication skills. Rather than pay the local shop to install roll cages in their cars, the team decided to learn to bend, notch and weld in their own cages.

The team decided on the RDB-050 manual tube bender. With it’s 3 bending speeds and phenomenal bend quality, the first cages looked beautiful and were whipped out in no time. They also invested in the TN-250 tube notcher, a favorite for the do it your self cage builder.


Also check out www.youtube.com and search “triple crown drift”

“We were looking for quality fabrication equipment, and wanted to support a company that supports the racing crowd. That is why we ran Baileigh in our shop.”

Kasey King

Thanks Kasey! Keep us updated on the race team and good luck this summer!


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