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Dust Collection Sucks

Baileigh Industrial offers a full line of woodworking dust collection solutions and downdraft tables. Whether you are a home hobbyist woodworker in the garage / basement, or a full blown production cabinet shop running 3 shifts a day, Baileigh has an industrial grade dust collection solution for you.

With up to a 2,300 CFM rating and a 63 gallon collection drum, power and capacity will never be an issue. All are offered with 4” ports and many with multiple port capabilities.

1 dust collection 2 dust collection 3 dust collection

Our entry level bag style dust collection systems have been very popular with the guys just starting out, where the 1 micron filtration of the cyclone dust collection systems have been the choice of many production facilities.

We also offer a full line of downdraft tables that help keep sawdust and woodworking particulates out of the air to help promote a safe and healthy woodworking environment.

Baileigh Industrial has a full staff of woodworking experts to get you into the correct machine for your application.

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