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"El Oscar"

Ocsar Sanchez has been in the car scene for over 15 years. Known as “El Oscar” on many social media sites, his amazing craftsmanship speaks for itself. In addition to his exceptional welding and metal shaping abilities, Oscar has mastered the art of pin striping and painting.

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He is a happily married family man who puts major emphasis on passing the torch to his son Eddie. Spending time in the shop and teaching Eddie the craft speaks volumes of his character.

Oscar recently took delivery of his Baileigh metal shaping equipment and had to put his own flavor on it. With custom pin striping, the BR-18E-36 Bead Roller and EW-28 English Wheel look perfect in his shop.

His first project on the bead roller was a set of metal Von Dutch Flying Eyeball Wings that were used on a trophy for the National Roadster Show. Metal flaked, candy painted, airbrushed and then pin striped to give them the “El Oscar” look.

You can also see some of his handy work with the English wheel and MPS-1 sheet metal shear in these pictures he was kind enough to share with us. Follow him on Instagram @El_Oscar_50 for sweet metal shaping and custom fabrication shots.

Thank you for the pictures Oscar, and keep that kid grinding!

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