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Fabrication Royalty: The Baileigh Industrial family

Baileigh and OFF Road

For years, Baileigh Industrial has been the first choice of the biggest names in off road racing and fabrication. Whether you’re building an award winning rock crawler, manufacturing bolt on aftermarket parts, running an off road race team or you are a weekend warrior in your garage, Baileigh has you covered. We offer the absolute best tube benders and notchers on the market, along with roll benders, cold saws, CNC plasma tables, CNC press brakes, hydraulic presses, drills, mills, lathes, ironworkers, shears, brakes, drill presses and much more. Nearly every vendor on Pirate 4×4 is using a Baileigh product.

Being a part of the off road fabrication team here at Baileigh is awesome. We have built close relationships with our customers over the years and consider them family. After getting to know many of them on a personal level, we are constantly getting involved with their builds, and helping them promote their products free of charge. We do this all for the love of off road. Many of our customers are driving innovation in the industry, so we help out in any way we can.

We feature a “customer spotlight” on our new website www.www.baileigh.com in the upper right hand corner. It is updated several times a month with the life stories of our customers. By showcasing their work and showing off pictures and movies of what they are building, we are able to help promote their company, raise awareness of their projects and drive customers to their websites.

Baileigh is involved with over 40 different forums all around the world: 4×4, race car, hot rod, restoration, metal shaping, architectural, metal art, drag racing, metal sculpture, black smithing, motorcycle racing, choppers, and many more. Just about every fabrication show on TV has Baileigh equipment in the background. Whether it is the Power Block or the Discovery Channel, off road or hot rods, it seems everywhere you look in the fabrication world, Baileigh is there.

The training and development side of Baileigh is huge. We educate our customers through training classes and seminars on a regular basis. In addition to that, every Baileigh machine comes with free training by the experts. From bending up a roll cage to roll bending a coil, from shaping metal with a power hammer to designing and uploading parts into your CNC plasma table. Got a complicated mandrel bending application? No worries, you will be fully trained by our mandrel team before the machine ships from our facility. Trust is a huge factor when purchasing equipment for your home or shop, with us you can trust that you are dealing with true fabrication experts.

Don’t take our word for it, just listen to our customers:

Rustys Off Road Products

“When it came time to expand our production capacity our first and foremost priorities were reliability and accuracy.
After researching all of the options, only Baileigh Industrial offered the equipment that was up to our standards.
Our shop is equipped with a Baileigh tubing bender, a weld positioner, a vertical bandsaw, and disc grinder that run at least 12 hours a day, 7 days a week.
We’ve been very pleased with the reliability, accuracy, and repeatability of all our Baileigh Industrial equipment.”

-Rusty and Tony Megois



Rustys Off Road

Jimmys Logo

“Baileigh Industrial’s equipment has been “Life Changing” for me and the Crew here at Jimmy’s

It has opened doors for us to build faster, be more productive, and with more precision in each car that we fabricate.

As we continue fabricating cars that need to hold up to speed, and climb the most gut-wrenching obstacles

in the world we need the best equipment available, Baileigh has delivered !!”

-Randy and Cottin Rodd



Blue torch

“Anything less than the best fabrication equipment just won’t do”

-Jason Carner


Blue Torch Fab

Poison Spyder

“It take hardcore machinery to build hardcore parts”

-Larry McRae


Poison Spyder Baileigh Industrial


“We have 4 Baileigh tube bender running in the shop.

Rock solid fabrication equipment that delivers”

-John A


UTV Inc with Baileigh Machines

Ian Johnson

“Our Baileigh roll bender was a great addition to the shop”


Ian Johnson and Baileigh Roll Bender

SuperDuty Headquarters (SDHQ)

 Our Baileigh roll bender has been running non-stop for years”


Ekstrom Designs

Never again will I be limited by my equipment, thanks to Baileigh Industrial.

Being a Designer and Welder I pride myself in the highest quality and most unique products.
In the last few years Ekstrom Design and Fabrication has outfitted its shop with Baileigh Equipment exclusively and has never looked back.

Thanks to the application specialists and the many others that make Baileigh Industrial what it is today.”

-David Ekstrom


Ekstrom Designs

Stellar Machine and Performance

“Stellar demands perfection, Baileigh has delivered ”

-Tim Wible


Stellar Performance and Baileigh Machinery

Rock Solid 4×4

“I have been filling my shop with Baileigh equipment for years. Great guys and great machinery”

-Cory Adams


Rock Solid 4x4

White Star Fab

“Baileigh rocks!”

-Jimmy Degrado



White Star Fab




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