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Vent Racing, A Father and Son Success Story

Henny Baker and son Dekon have had quite the journey through the fabrication industry. Starting with humble beginnings in their garage, the two sheet metal workers tinkered with hot rods and trucks on the side. Building and modifying cars came easy and they were good at it; so good in fact that Dekon’s 1928 Model A Pickup (named the Salt City Special) was featured in over 30 magazines worldwide.

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The business was slowly becoming a success and both father and son quit the sheet metal business for good to pursue their hobby as a full time job. They filled their shop with Baileigh equipment and never looked back.

Hot rods and trucks were just the beginning as the two ventured further into the fabrication world, it would only be a matter of time before they were both be bit by the off road bug. With the best equipment in the industry and insane fabrication skills, the Baker boys went full throttle into the off road scene.

Fast forward several years and you will find a 16,000 square foot shop with 1,500 horsepower sand cars, LS-8 motors and $15,000 transmissions.  A full blown off road shop! From aftermarket side by side accessories to off road desert racing parts, Vent Racing has a full crew working ‘round the clock doing their best to keep up with the high demand for their products.

With the RDB-250 and RDB-325 rotary draw benders fully programmed, the “human factor” has been completely removed from the bending process. Just load the parts and watch it bend.

The tube notching process has been perfected by the TN-800 end mill style notcher. It is portable, quiet, 110 volt and super-fast. It produces the perfect notch literally thousands of times in a row without having to change tooling. It is by far, the best notching solution on the planet.

Dekon has also mastered his metal shaping skills with the MH-19 mutli hammer…..again, the best metal shaping solution on planet earth….just ask him.

Check out their website here: www.ventracing.com

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