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Handrail Bending Made Easy

Here at Baileigh, we sure do get allot of calls from guys wanting to bend handrail. Whether they are just starting out, or want to bring their bending process “in house”. Baileigh has several benders that work great for all sorts of handrail applications; a guy needs to ask himself what “bells and whistles” he would like on his bender and how much physical labor he wants to do.

Manual benders

These are great for small jobs and small budgets. The RDB-100 works off of compound leverage (kind of like an old 1970’s car jack) with every swing of the handle gives you around 7 degrees of bend. Although this bender is easy to use, if you have a ton of bending, you might want to consider a hydraulic bender.

Hydraulic benders

The RDB-125 is a perfect fit for anyone on a budget looking to get into bending handrail. It can bend around 50 degrees in 10 seconds or so, but then the ram must re-stroke before bending the next 50 degrees. A great bender for smaller shops and light production runs. If you are looking for faster bending speeds without having to stop every 50 degrees, you might want to take a look at our one shot benders like the RDB-150AS or the RDB-175.

The RDB-150AS  is the original rotary draw bender from Baileigh. It has been around for years and there are thousands of them out there. Drop on tooling for fast tooling changes, and a quick release counter bend die system for fast loading and unloading of the material. The RDB-150AS has a hand controlled forward and reverse knob and a single bend angle control or Auto Stop. It will bend 180 degrees in one shot in about 30 seconds. Here is a video:

Our RDB-175 is the result of years and years of customer feedback on the RDB-150AS. We took the 150AS design and improved on everything. It is foot operated for hands free operation; all of the hydraulic components are tucked away nicely in the cabinet. A fast ratcheting counter bend die positioning system and a one shot, 180 bend speed of 13 seconds.

Programmable benders

RDB-250 benders have high bending speeds and are extremely accurate. With the ability to store 170 jobs with 10 bends per job, these benders are top of the line solutions for handrail applications and can bend 180 degrees in 9 seconds. Positioning tables are also available for these benders for extremely accurate positioning of tricky applications. Here is a video:

RDB-300 has the same features as the RDB-250, but has larger center line radius capacity (up to 15”!). Here is a video:

Our model RDB-350 carries a whopping 24” CLR capacity as well as the ability to bend up to 2 ½” Sch. 40 mild steel pipe. This is the ultimate job shop bender! Video:

Tube Notchers

A good tube and pipe notcher will come in handy when doing handrail and save the operator hours of work and hundreds in consumables.

Hole saw notchers are probably the most common notchers out there because they are inexpensive and you can get upwards of 100 notches from 1 holesaw when done right. We offer an entry level TN-200H that can be operated in a drill press or with a 1/2″ drill. Unfortunately if you have a ton of notches to make, you will grow tired of it in a hurry.

The TN-300 is our high end hole saw notcher. Hands down the best holesaw notcher on the planet. Easy to load and easy to use. It boasts a 1/2 horsepower motor with direct drive into an industrial grade oil filled gearbox. The heavy duty cutting head is fed into the material with a large feed wheel. What makes this notching machine unique is that the head of the machine moves on a track of precision V-Bearings, which combined with the large hand wheel makes notching any material a breeze. Here is a video:


Bend Tech Pro software is also very popular with the guys who are just getting started. It makes tube bending simple by allowing you to design your projects right on your computer screen. After designing your project, just click a button, and it will print out a build sheet for each tube. Showing you how long to cut your tube, where to start and stop your bends. It also will print out a notching wrapper as well. These make notching the ends of your tube simple and accurate. Just cut the wrapper out with a pair of scissors, wrap it around the end of your tube, trace it with a sharpie marker and notch your tube. When you are done, you will have a bunch of tube lying on the ground that will be bent and notched that will fit together perfectly.

AF-360 is a simple angle level. It allows you to track your rotation of your pipe when bending. Multiple bends can be made in the same plane easily with the AF-360.

If you are thinking of starting up a business or would like to get into bending and installing handrail, give us a call. We are familiar with, and have seen just about every handrail application out there.

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