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Head Systems: Making Guitars with the WR-23 CNC Router Table

Brad Pophal has been a guitar enthusiast his whole life. Whether it is giving music lessons, re-stringing, tuning or repairing them, he always seems to have a guitar in his hand. The love for this instrument has crowned him the local “go-to guy” for guitars in the town of Irma, Wisconsin and the surrounding area.

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Brad had always dreamt of designing and manufacturing his own line of guitars, but never had the correct equipment. Determined to make his business a success, he picked up the phone and called the pros.

After contacting the Baileigh Industrial CNC woodworking team, Brad now had a business plan and an affordable manufacturing solution on the way. The WR-23 was in stock and ready for delivery.

The WR-23 is a fully programmable CNC wood router table that came with everything he needed to get started. With the design software that was included and the free training, Brad was ready to make some waves in the guitar industry.

Brad now designs and manufactures his own line of guitars all day long. The water cooled spindle allows him to run his machine 10 hours a day without the risk of overheating. From the cutting of wood bodies to the cutting and engraving of the custom aluminum components, the WR-23 performs all of these functions flawlessly all day, every day.

His reputation for quality has caused a bit of a problem for Brad as now he cannot keep up with the demand for his guitars…….careful what you wish for….wink…wink.

If you have a product that you would like to mass produce, give our CNC team a call. Whether it is wood, aluminum, composite or metal, we can provide a number of solutions.

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