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High End Off Road Fab: White Star Industries

White Star Industries LLC (“WSI”), is a U.S. veteran owned company based out of Olathe, Kansas. WSI specializes in large holding tank fabrication, installation and stainless steel welding.

Owner Jimmy DeGrado is an off road nut as well. By incorporating his off road obsession into his business plan, White Star now specializes in high end off road fabrication. With emphasis on Ford F150 Raptors, his clientele demand quality work. As a result of smart business decisions, Jimmy has no problem providing this.

Jimmy called Baileigh Industrial and made one thing clear, he wanted a tube bender that could accurately repeat his parts without having to enter bend angles every time he wanted to make a bend. The RDB-250 was his first choice. With the ability to store 170 bend jobs internally, the touchscreen programmer is about as simple as it gets. With a bend speed of 180 degrees in 9 seconds, the RDB-250 will raise White Star’s production numbers at an alarming rate.

Jimmy also picked up the latest version of Bend-Tech SE design software. By simply entering bend angles and lengths of straight between the bends, he can easily and accurately design parts to fit the trucks perfectly. The software actually produces a build sheet for each piece of tube which provides all of the cut lengths and bend angles for each assembly. The RDB-250 tube bender and Bend-Tech software work hand in hand to make complex projects simple and easily repeatable. The values on the build sheets can simply be entered into touchscreen programmer on the RDB-250 and saved forever.

Be on the lookout for White Star’s fab work in the off road industry.

Visit White Star’s Facebook page to follow him and his crew


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