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Self Taught Hot Rod Builder, Jordan Hart

Jordan Hart has been a car nut since he was a kid. Blame his Uncle for dragging him to car shows and Monster Truck rallies in his 49 Ford Willies. With 2 working parents, Jordan was on his own learning to wrench on and build cars. He started out with an air compressor and air tools at the age of 15 and his first MIG welder at 17. Jordan has taught himself to do it himself.

Being a welder for a local utilities company feeds his family, but his true love is in his garage. His current project is a scratch built 1929 Ford Roadster that was rescued from a farm field.

Jordan contacted Baileigh Industrial looking for a bead roller. The BR-18E-36 was a perfect fit. Looks like Jordan has once again taught himself another skill, how to bead roll like a pro. Great job Jordan and thanks for sharing your skills with us. Keep us updated on your fine ride!

Jordan says:

“I may not be a professional hot rod builder, but I demand professional results. That’s why I went with Baileigh Industrial”

Jordan Hart
27 years old

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