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“A jar of elbow grease”……Woodworking with Dan Thomack

Thomack Custom Cabinets is located in Appleton, Wisconsin. Owner and CEO Dan Thomack is the incredible talent behind the success of the company. With more work than he can keep up with, his business has grown exponentially over the past several years.

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Specializing in custom cabinets, covered counter tops, architectural millwork, carving, and many other custom woodworking skills, many of his creations are done the old fashioned way…..by hand. You won’t find any CNC routers or automated machinery in his shop, just a giant jar of elbow grease and a bucket full of woodworking passion.

His latest “top secret” project required a significant amount of sanding. Looking for a more efficient way to sand through the stacks of wood, he stopped by our showroom in Manitowoc, Wisconsin and said “Yes……I’m here to buy another machine.”

Our woodworking team offered up the ES-6100 Edge Sander as a permanent sanding solution. As you can see by his face, Dan could not be happier.

Dan stops by from time to time and shares his latest projects with our team. Many are from his personal ventures done in his spare time around his property. His house is like a woodworking museum, full of his life’s work and insanely ambitious woodworking projects.

All of these projects were done by hand…….no joke. Even the hand carved “Thomack Custom Cabinet” sign.

Be on the lookout for more work from Dan Thomack and the crew at Thomack Custom Cabinets. You can check out his website here:



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