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1-844-477-7707 (US only)
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KillStress designs…Making Art From Wood and Metal

The husband and wife team of KillStress Designs are known for their heirloom quality woodworking and metal fabrication projects. Located in Anaheim, California, they specialize in modern art and furniture made from exotic woods and well thought out designs fabricated from metal.

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Owner and master craftsman Tyler Smutz has filled his shop with some of the best woodworking and metal fabrication machinery on the market. In addition to his Baileigh CS-315EU cold cut saw, he recently pulled the trigger on the JP-1686 Jointer / Planer combo machine. With its 16” helical cutter head and heavy duty tables, he has made some beautiful works of art. One of his latest creations is this cherry headboard. The rough lumber used to construct this peice included some boards that weighed in at over 120 pounds. The JP-1686 handled the load with absolutely no sagging or table deflection.

You will also notice the incredible quality of these tables and chairs made from Walnut and steel. Joined and planed using the JP-1686, the parts fit together perfectly.

Here is a demonstration of his machine he was kind enough to send us.


Be on the lookout for Tyler and his wife as they are featured in magazines and on modern art websites on a regular basis.

Be sure to check out their website here: www.killstressdesigns.com



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