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For the love of Turning: Joe and Lorelei De Angelis

Joe and Lorelei are a cute couple that have been in love with woodworking just about as long as they have been together. Lorelei was kind enough to write about her history in turning and her journey through the woodworking world.

“After we completed building our home in Buffalo Gap, TX in 2002, my husband and I started building furniture. One piece my husband Joe was making required some lathe work, which he started on the Craftsman bench model lathe we had. After a few minutes he became very frustrated because the piece was not turning out as he wanted, so I asked if I could help him. He showed me what to do, and I completed the piece without much problem.

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From that day on, any lathe work was mine to do. Since much of the wood we were using was Mesquite, I, needless to say, wore the Craftsman lathe out. Being a loving husband, Joe bought me a bigger, commercial grade variable speed lathe as my Valentine’s Day “roses”, so I could really pursue turning. We belonged to the Texas Mesquite Association (since we built Mesquite furniture), and there I met Charlie Roberts, a retired farmer from the San Angelo, TX area, who took me under his wing and taught me many tricks and techniques.

We participated in the Texas Mesquite Shows and other craft shows in the Texas area over the years from 2004-2006. We won best of show in the woodworking category for our work which included the bowls, lamps and plates I’d turned, and our Mesquite furniture.

When we moved to Arkansas in 2011, the lathe was too heavy to move, so it, along with our entire shop, was donated to the Ben Richie Boys Ranch, in Abilene, TX. Once we got settled here in Arkansas, Joe decided it was past time for me to get back to turning, so he researched the various lathes available on the market, and decided on the Baileigh 1840 variable speed lathe, as the best product for the money, size and features we needed. Since purchasing it for me in 2013, I am once again, back at turning, and am enjoying my Baileigh lathe, which is great for the type of work I do.

I appreciate how solid and well-built it is, and how it does all I require of it. I especially enjoy the variable speed feature, which is helpful when turning hardwood.”

Thanks Lorelei and welcome to the Baileigh family

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