1-844-477-7707 (US only)
(920) 684-4990 (International) | Contact Us

1-844-477-7707 (US only)
(920) 684-4990 (International) | Contact Us

Mandrel Benders Around the World

With a number of super modern, state of the art manufacturing facilities, Baileigh Industrial is leading the way in mandrel bender production. With crews working around the clock, we are providing NC and CNC programmable mandrel benders worldwide.

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Our smaller machines have provided manufacturing solutions throughout the industry. From simple automotive exhaust and header applications, to mass produced furniture and gym equipment.

Our larger, industrial machines can be seen in action around the world in shipyards and military sites, aviation and aerospace facilities, in addition to oil fields and offshore drilling platforms.

If you have any interest, or would like more information about our industrial mandrel benders, please contact one our many mandrel specialists around the world.

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