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Miles of Handrail by NEI Industrial Services:

Located in Joplin, Missouri, NEI Industrial Services is a fully staffed industrial millwright shop. With a small army of welders and tradesman, these guys have tackled some of the most challenging jobs in the area.

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With this type of experience comes industry knowledge, so when it came time to install handrail and catwalks in a local 400,000 square foot pet food manufacturing facility, the crew knew how much pipe notching was in their future. Rather than dealing with hand notching or holesaws, management demanded a better solution.

After reviewing NEI’s application, the industrial fabrication team at Baileigh engineered a production style solution. The TN-800 tube and pipe notcher was a perfect fit as it utilizes an endmill to perform the notch rather than holesaws or an abrasive belt. In addition to being fast, quiet, and 110 volt, it is on wheels and can easily be moved around the job site.

With literally miles of handrail to notch, the team could not be happier with their machine. It has greatly reduced production times and improved team moral. The new machine has made the notching process a pleasure, rather than a headache.

Here is what Joe Lupicki sent to us:

”As you can see the TN-800 is getting put to good use.  The shop guys really like it.  We are churning out handrail hundreds of times faster than our previous process.”

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