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Nate and Laurie buy a CNC Plasma table

Nate Dallman was born with a torch in his hand. Welding since he was a kid, the skill of fabrication just came natural to him. Attending St. Paul’s TVI tech school for welding and fab just put the finishing touches on Nate’s God like fabrication abilities. Working several jobs over the course of 5 years did nothing but teach Nate a big lesson; he wanted to work for himself and be his own boss. NPD welding and fab was born.

Located in Spring Valley, Wisconsin in a 60’ x 60’ shop, NPD is now a 3 man operation that has been going strong for 5 years now. They specialize in several areas like sheet metal, robotic system fames and special machinery fabrication. They will also do just about any job that walks through the door.

With the larger jobs bogging down production and having to constantly outsource his cutting, Nate decided he needed to do something different. Coincidently that same week, Nate had received a flyer in the mail from Baileigh with a plasma table on the front cover. Nate gave us a call and spoke with our plasma team about our PT-44VH. Because he was working with 5/8” and thicker plate, we decided to outfit his 4” x 4” table with the 120 amp Thermal Dynamics cutting system. Nate was happier than a kid in a candy store.

Nate and his wife Laurie came to Baileigh Industrial to learn firsthand how to design parts using the cad software that is included with each Baileigh plasma table.  After designing his first parts in the comfort of our training office, Nate exported them to a USB stick and headed out to the plasma table in our demo room. He simply plugged the USB stick into the handheld programmer and BAM!……..his parts popped up on the screen. A couple clicks later the plasma table was running the program Nate had just uploaded.

Nate took delivery of his plasma table a couple weeks ago. Looks like he is already a pro. Nate’s first “real world” project was this giant tool post for a local manufacturing company. The base was cut from ¾” plate steel. As you can see the cut looks great.

Here is a letter Nate and Laurie sent us:

Baileigh plasma team,

We just wanted to Thank You guys for the time and training you set aside for us for the new plasma table. We were very impressed with the quality of the machine and happy that we took advantage of your walk through and training at your facility in Manitowoc. It’s nice there are still companies and people around like yourselves that are not just out to sell, but care and want to make sure you understand the equipment and installation procedures prior to receiving the equipment. We are very excited to receive the machine and get it into production. Thanks again for making this an enjoyable experience.

Nate & Laurie Dallman

NPD Welding & Fabrication Inc.

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