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Need A Faster Way to Shape Metal?

Ace Clearwater and the Baileigh Shrinker Stretcher MSS-14H

Ace Clearwater www.aceclearwater.com has been building complex formed and welded assemblies for the aerospace industry since 1949. With 350,000 square feet of manufacturing space, they have a full fabrication shop with just about every type of machine you can imagine.

Chris McKee (production Manager) contacted Baileigh Industrial a couple months ago looking for a faster way to shape metal. He had a bottle neck in his manufacturing process and was looking for a solution. After talking with one of the many metal shaping experts here at Baileigh and reviewing Chris’ application, the MSS-14H Shrinker Stretcher looked like the ticket.

With the MSS-14H in the shop, Chris’ team has increased production x 4. Jerry (pictured below) is looking forward to becoming an internet metal shaping sensation. Read below:

Here is what Chris had to say about their new MSS-14H Shrinker Stretcher

We’re good to go with the release of pictures – this is our operator Jerry in real action. Things are working out great with the new stretching machine! Our throughput (in this process) has increased X4 with the use of the Baileigh Sheet Metal Shrinker Stetcher device and machine reliability is  100%. Let me know when these pics hit your web pages and I’ll tell Jerry that he’s become an internet sensation.

Shaping Sheet MetalShrinker Stretcher MSS-14

Thanks again!
Chris McKee

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