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Next Level Bending Experience


1 roll bending

Matt Brady from Brady Fabrication is a pretty serious fabricator from Southern California. Tasked with making some signs for local coffee shops, he needed to roll a precise radius in 1.5” square tubing. Lucky for Matt, one of Baileigh’s top roll bending experts, Jesse Frescas, was just miles away at our Ontario, California location.

Jesse Frescas has years of manual, hydraulic and CNC roll bending sales, service and application experience. Well versed in roll bending terminology and helpful formulas, Jesse has tackled literally every rolling application on the market today. Jesse is not stingy with his knowledge, as he spreads the gospel of Baileigh bending through training classes for customers as well as our dealers on a regular basis.

Jesse’s experience was key in getting Matt a quick sample bend to match his template perfectly . The R-M55 roll bender made quick work of the material and provided a perfect radius in only 2 passes.

If you have questions about roll bending, mandrel bending or any of our many CNC automated production machines, feel free to call and ask for Jesse by name.

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