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Roll Bending – A true Art Form

Jan Wagelaar is the head of fabrication at Los Gatos Iron Works serving the Bay Area in Northern California. Jan is a well rounded welder that does everything from custom off road fabrication to ornamental iron and automatic gates.


Jan popped up on one of the many forums Baileigh Industrial is involved with. Jan was trying to make his own roll bender to complete a large arch on an entry gate made out of 2″ x 120″ wall square tube. He was having a hard time keeping the material in the same plane. Frustrated, he reached out and sent a message to Baileigh.

After a couple messages back and forth on the forum, Jan finally called Baileigh and spoke with one of the many roll bending experts. After reviewing Jan’s application we decided the R-M55 Roll Bender was perfect for Jan’s shop.
The R-M55 boasts three 50mm shafts, perfect for roll bending entry gates. It comes standard with all the tooling needed to handle the 2″ square. It also comes with an 18 piece tooling package that will handle square, rectangle, flat bar, and many other shapes making it perfect for structural or ornamental applications.

Since adding the R-M55 Roll Bender to their shop, business has flourished. LGIW is now one of the areas renowned ornamental iron shops and produces some very high end jobs. Check out this website that spotlights some of his work.

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