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Santa Barbara Forge / R-M40 testimonial


Machine – Roll Bender R-M40

This public art installation demanded that we be able to have precise control over the dimensions of our arcs, as well as the ability to change the acuteness of the arcs on the fly. The R-M40 roll bender did that and more. We had to form bronze ingot to templates based on hand drawn lines to be cemented into the sidewalk with the fill colors rendered in tile. The R-M40 allowed us to precisely control the bronze in a way that was not unlike putting ink to paper, which in effect we were doing. The ability of the roll bender machine to make 1/2″x1″ solid bronze malleable and easy to work with is a testament to the quality, ease of use, and solid engineering behind Baileigh’s products.

Thanks Baileigh!

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