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1-844-477-7707 (US only)
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Sheffield Race Cars, Innovative Fabrication with the BB-4816M Magnetic Box and Pan Brake

Sheffield Race Cars is a name that is well known throughout the Drag Racing community for super high end race car fabrication. From roll cages to custom turbos and full blown turn-key drag cars, they do it all. Based out of Panama City Beach, Florida, SRC is a one stop shop for anyone into Drag Racing.

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Owner and lead fabricator Craig Sheffield has been in the business for over 8 years. Happily married with two children, he balances his time in the shop with being a family man quite well. The demand for his work is absolutely mind blowing. With at least a 4 month waiting list, business is at an all-time high.

Craig recently purchased our wildly popular BB-4816M Magnetic box and pan brake. He is doing some amazing fabrication work with it and was kind enough to share some pictures with us.

Some resent projects include these 4130 Chromolly sheet metal 9” rear end housings, an air to air intercooler made out of .120 6061 T-6 Aluminum and this custom aluminum water / methanol injection tank he made for a friend. You will notice Craig’s signature “S” on many of his products. This is his calling card and has become recognizable throughout the industry.

Be on the lookout for the “S” on racecar components at your local race track and be sure to follow Craig’s amazing fab work on Facebook click here:


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