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Mini Chopper

Students Everywhere,  but not a mini chopper in Sight……………………..Yet!

On Thursday November 13, 2009, Students and faculty invaded Baileigh Industrial’s corporate headquarters in Manitowoc, Wisconsin for the kick off of the Lakeshore Business Developments Annual High School Mini Chopper Build Off.

The day started off with a quick lunch here at Baileigh Industrial.

Baileigh Industrial - Tour for Mini Chopper Project Student visit Baileigh Industrial for the Mini Chopper Project

Next was a brief presentation about Baileigh Industrial and its history.

Baileigh Industrial Presentation

The group was broken into three separate groups for a tour of Baileigh Industrial’s facility.

Students Tour Baileigh Industrial for Mini Chopper Project

Once the tours had ended most of the group left and headed back to their respective schools. But The Baileigh Industrial team, Valders High School, stayed around and got to work on their ride.

Valders Team Builds Mini Chopper Valders Team Puts together Mini Chopper at Baileigh Industrial Mini Chopper being built at Baileigh Industrial

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