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Terra Sport: American Made Trailers

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Terra Sport has developed a unique line of open recreational trailers that have changed the trailer industry forever. These models are the first of their kind and offer a whole new level of convenience for the adventurer looking to take their gear and equipment with them. Many of the trailers are outfitted with sleeping quarters, fold out awnings and some even have built in grills. The all sport base camp models are designed to be packed with recreational vehicles, kayaks, canoes, coolers and camping supplies.

American made and manufactured in Green Bay, Wisconsin, the trailers are manufactured exclusively with Baileigh Industrial equipment. From the production tube bending and notching operations, to the diamond plate bending and around the clock plasma cutting, the Terra Sport crew is a walking Baileigh commercial.

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The Terra Sport team has designed each trailer using Bend Tech Pro tube bending layout software, which works seamlessly with their RDB-350 tube bender. After designing a trailer, they simply print out the build sheet and enter the bending parameters into the color touch screen programmer. The program is now saved in the bender forever and can be produced thousands of times over without the worry of any human error. After each tube is bent, the TN-800 tube notcher produces a perfect notch for the crew to weld and assemble.

The PT-510 CNC plasma table is always operating in the shop. Constantly running the parts designed with the UcanCam software, it never slows down, never takes a break and never complains about the workload. A true industrial production cutting solution, the PT-510 plasma table is a life changing investment for any shop.

Check out the website here:  www.terrasport.com

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