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Tube Bender To Next Level?

UTV Inc (aka UTV Crap) is a leader in the UTV accessory industry.


Their shop is full of Baileigh equipment that cranks out full blown production on a daily basis. Tubing Bender RDB-175Johnny Angal, the owner purchased our RDB-175 Pipe Bender several years back.

Johnny has always been impressed with the speed of the tube bender and quality of bends it produced until recently. As his company grew and his product lines expanded, the RDB-175 hydraulic pipe bender just could not keep up. He said he has welders fighting over the bender to make their parts. He called me up today to order another RDB-175 tubing bender to solve the problem. I told him to hold his horses, sit down and take a deep breath. I spent some time with Johnny on the phone reviewing his application and massive bending needs. We both determined he has outgrown a simple hydraulic tube bender with a single bend auto stop.

Hydraulic Pipe Bender RDB-250Johnny has decided to step up to the RDB-250  tube bender with a 15 foot indexing table. 180 degrees in 9 seconds, an onboard programmer that will hold 170 different bending programs and an indexer to index each bend, the RDB-250 tube bender is going to change Johnny’s welders lives.

Give Johnny a call 602-284-2430 or visit his website www.utvinc.com.

If you want to take your bending process to the next level, maybe turn it up a notch or just give your guys in the shop a little bit of a break, call us and ask to speak to one of our many tube bending experts.


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